Volunteered Geographic Information

Presentations, Thursday, Dec 13

Michael Goodchild. Citizens as Sensors : The World of Volunteered Geography ~2.3 MB

Rajan Gupta. Volunteered Information: part of a toolkit to address complex global challenges ~1.4 MB

Michael Gould. Vespucci initiative: history, goals, spirit ~1.7 MB

Steve Coast. OpenStreetMap ~15.9 MB

Werner Kuhn. VGI and GIScience ~1.3 MB

Morgan Bearden. The National Map Corps ~2.4 MB

Dan Sui. Understanding Volunteered Geographic Information ~0.7 MB

Christopher Seeger. VGI for Community Outreach, Research and Professional Practice ~14 MB

Ben Lewis. Africa Map: Infrastructure for Collaboration ~7.6 MB

Sarah Williams. Million Dollar Blocks and Spatial Data Traces ~6.7 MB

Max Craglia: SDI and VGI, Parallel Universes? ~1.6 MB

Presentations, Friday, Dec 14

Rajan Gupta. Mapping, monitoring and modeling the Global Energy System ~2.9 MB

David Tulloch. Finding the Seams in Volunteered Geographic Information ~3.7 MB

Sarah Elwood. Critical GIS perspectives on VGI ~2.8MB

Jack Dangermond. GIS and VGI ~2.8MB

Alan Glennon. Group III Breakout Results ~1.5MB


In progress...

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