Specialist Meeting on Spatial Concepts in GIS and Design, December 15-16, 2008

The idea for this specialist meeting originates in discussions over the potential of integrating design more fully into GIS, and over the development of curriculum in spatial thinking. The central question might be posed as "To what extent are the fundamental spatial concepts that lie behind GIS relevant in design?" or "To what extent can the fundamental spatial concepts of design be addressed with GIS?" or perhaps "Is it possible to devise a curriculum designed to develop spatial thinking in both GIS and design?" The meeting of about 30 people will be held at the Upham Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara Monday and Tuesday December 15-16, and will include a small number of context-setting presentations and ample time for discussion.

This is one of a long series of specialist meetings organized at the Upham Hotel over the past two decades, and will follow a pattern that has been found to work well. It will combine a small number of context-setting presentations with ample time for discussion in plenary sessions, small groups, and informal social gatherings.

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ESRI and  National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, at the University of California, Santa Barbara

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