A Sample of Computational Models Available Over the Web
On-Line Use Models
Free Download Models
Comercially Available Models

On Line Use Models

A wide range of different atmospheric models.  Most of the links just give the output of the specific models (the weather) but here are a few that describe the models or are otherwise useful.
Contains several pages that describes the use of the model, how it operates, how to begin using the model (opening instructions), and types of systems it will run on.
If you follow the links under "forecasts" it will describe what the model produces and the time interval between outputs.  No other metadata is provided.
In the "how to use" sections and "more on the maps" description is given more on the maps they produce rather then how they produce the maps.

This is a nice site of Classroom Based Models in Meteorology.  A number of different models are available.  You can select which model you use, what time you want projected, and what it is you want to be projected (temp., pressure, wind sheer, etc.)  Once you have made your selection, it allows you to present one time frame as a map, or you can see a java animation. Unfortunately, this is a poor source for metadata on the different models.

Another good Classroom Based Model.  An online Atmospheric Radiation Balance model developed by ICESS at UCSB. Presents a menu of atmospheric constituants and parameters to choose from and will tell the radiation fluxes at different altitudes.

"VENTILATION AND PERFUSION MATCHING IN THE LUNG: A computer model for teaching pulmonary physiology"
A web based model that displays the pulmonary gas exchange under particular conditions.  Useful for a Classroom based Model for students studying Lung Physiology/Anatomy.

A number of Classroom based models that show the growth rates in a graphical java appletof single or interacting species.  Follow the links under "population models" for models.  The site also contains a number of other graphical interfaces to display mathematical equations.

WebBeePop: An extremely basic Classroom based model that displays bee population in a graphical format under different circumstances.

A simulation java interface to display The Ridler-Rowe model, a continuous-time Makov chain model for the spread of an infection.  A description of the model and the equation are also provided.  Useful as a Classroom based model in infection spread.

Java simulations of infection spreading using a number of possible variables.  Presents a graphical image displaying a number of parameters.  Useful as a Classroom based model for Infection Spread.

L-THIA: long-term hydrological impact assessment  A completely on-line model produced by the EPA and Purdue Univ.  Under "inputs" one can enter the land use type, soil type and amount of land, and it will tell the annual runoff for the certain land use types.  Ideal as a Classroom based model in Physical Hydrology.

A site where one can enter a variety of specifications and determine the altitude that a model rocket will hit.  It also gives a few good links to sites that describe the process of this type of model.

Software and Demographic Models offered by NIDI (netherlands interdisciplinary demographic institute).  A number of nice models and software programs; some are free.
            One of the models found on teh above page.  It's a nice Java Model which allows the user to set different parameters and draws really nice graphs and demographic pyramid.

Free Download Models

A GIS software package from our friends at Utrecht Univ. (The folks who brought us PCRaster) that deals with a flowing (or moving) feature.

Pleistocene Extinctions:  A system Dynamics Model.  This appears to be a good Classroom Based Model for students studying the Pleistocene extinction.

"The Futures Group International has developed a model that can be used to examine the effectiveness and costs of interventions to reduce  mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The model includes five interventions..."  The downloadablemodel runs in excel 95 or 97 and is available in english or spanish.

EPA's link page to all of the modelling departments in the organization, including:Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division, Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM), Center for Subsurface Modeling Support (CSMoS), Support Center for Regulatory Air Models (SCRAM), and Vehicle & Engine Emission Modeling Software.  Many models avaibale for free download.
    EPA's "tools" page also containes a number of software available, as well as data sets.

EPIC:Environmental Policy Integrated Climate.  A model designed for erosion and productivity assessment of different types of crops.  There is an on-line EPIC which allows for input data regarding type of crop and location.

Gigalopolis: The Clarke Urban growth Model (SLEUTH).  An urban growth model developed by Keith Clarke.

links to a number of "Community and Research Models" through the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

SWAN  A nearshore wave simulation model available from Delft University.  Registration required for downloading model.  System requirements not specific.

Comercially Available Models

Now you can even model antibodies on-line.

offering emergency preparation models for the private and public industry.  Only metadata provided is what type of platform is required and the output of the model.

MicroImages, Inc.
Since 1986, MicroImages, Inc. has been providing the most advanced software in the industry for desktop cartography, image processing, and geospatial analysis of every kind.

High Performance Systems, Inc.
A company where one can register their models, obtain other models and get technical support on building models.  They cater to both businesses and educational facilities.  They are also the provider for STELLA, an educational modeling program.

RMS (Risk Managment Solutions)
"The world's leading provider of products and services for the quantification and management of risk.  RMS products and services include risk assessment models, software applications, and consulting services."  Their latest release is CLIMETRIX "the first comprehensive risk management system for the weather risk market"

Scientific Software Group
An Internationally-known software and publications company established in 1984.  The provide models for Groundwater, Surface-Water, Air Pollution, Bioremediation, Geology and other Environmental software products.  SSG has the lowest prices for graphical user interfaces for U.S. EPA, USGS, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers groundwater, surface water, watershed, and bioremediation models and modeling software

A collection of Hydrology models available through the International Ground Water Modeling Center (IGWMC).  All models are comercially available (for a fee.)