Other Methods of Describing Computational Models
Metadata Examples
A collection of Environmental models offered by  GSF - (German) National research center for Environment and Health

EMC Model Documentation from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction.  Links to some of the models and some of the documentation on the models.

Nonlinear Models for High-Speed Yarn Transport Systems

The Register of Ecological Models (REM) is a meta-database for existing mathematical models in ecology.  As of 5/5/2000, 606 models had been cataloged.

A description of: The CAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystems Models  A registry of "relevant models used in Europe for research, education and application in: intensively and extensively produced agricultural crops, grasslands, forests, and their environments; cropping and farming systems, farm households, land use; shells for such models; tools for such models in DSS-applications (e.g. microclimate profiles for irrigation scheduling)."
or link directly to their search fillout forms here: http://www.bib.wau.nl/camase/srch-cms.html

A search engine for [33 (as of 6-00)] models registered with GCTE SOMNET: The official GCTE Soil Organic Matter Network Database.  Shows another example of metadata.

one example of metadata for a geospatial data used by the EPA following the FGCD standards

metadata for P-Route, a model used by the EPA

another example of EPA metadata on another model
This site is the index page of metadata for a number of NIMA Geodesy and Geophysics models. They addapted the FGDC geospacial data standard to apply to models.  An interesting adaptation.

An example of metadata out of the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

An example of metadata documentation for a model from USGS.  Nice format simular to that of the FGDC geospatial standard.

Chen, W. H. (1996). Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS). Global Change Master Directory.

Ungerer, M. Metadata Documentation for PC Raster Hydrology Model. Alexandria Digital Library.

Plentinger, M. C. (1996). Blank Form for the CAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystems Models.  CAMASE Web Site.

NPS:  Naval Post-graduate School metadata information on the MM5 atmospheric model.  "Metadata" is spread over several pages.  Beginning Link: http://www.weather.nps.navy.mil/~dkmiller/MM5/

NASA:  Data obtained from NASA's GCMD.  The site can be found at:  http://hydrogen.stx.com/cgi-bin/md/zgate?SERVICE=INIT&FORM_HOST_PORT=SERVICES Enter "models" in the text box and you'll get a list of models to review.

EPA, (2000). Model Inventory, Clarke Cellular Automata Urban Growth Model. Triangle Park, North Carolina, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: national health and Environmental Effects Research Labratory Research.

Acevedo, W. (1999). Analyzing Land Use Change in Urban Environments. USGS Fact Sheet.

Agarwal, C., G. L. Green, et al. (2000). A Review and Assessment of Land Use Change Models: Dynamics of Space, Time, and Human Choice. Bloomington, Indiana, Center for the Study of Instructions, Populations, and Environmental Change, Indiana University.

Clarke, K. C. and L. J. Gaydos (1998). “Loose-Coupling a Cellular Automaton Model and GIS: Long-Term Urban Growth Prediction for San Fracisco and Washington / Baltimore.” International Journal of Geographical Information Science 12(7): 699-714.

Clarke, K. C., S. Hoppen, et al. (1997). “A Self-Modifying Cellular Automaton Model of Historical Urbanization in the San Fransisco Bay Area.” Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 24: 247-261.

Squire, G. R. and P. J. C. Hamer (1990). United Kingdom Register of Agricultural Models: 1990. Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, AFRC Institute of Engineering Research.

USDA Forestry: Obtained from Decision Support Systems for Ecosystem Management: An Evaluation of Existing Systems. USDA Forest Service reference #
RM-GTR-296. Free copy available from rschneider@fs.fed.us (must include title and ref. number in e mail)

I have taken many of these examples and have them presented in a chart, relating the elements that each described