Comparison Chart of Metadata Elements

Metadata Properties EPA: Clarke Model EPA: 1997 1990 UK Agri Models USDA Forestry REM GCTE NPS Camase NASA
Title X X X X X X X X X
ID Number   X X           X
Abstract (Description) X X X X X X X X X
Purpose / Model Description X X X X X X X X X
Originator X X X X X   X   X
Access Constraints X X   X   X     X
Model Publication Date   X       X X X X
Distributor   X       X X X X
Contact for Distribution X X X   X X     X
Order Process X X              
Cost X   X X       X  
Technical Prerequisites(hardware) X X X X X X X X X
Mathematical Info.          X        
Staff & Expertise Needed X     X   X X    
Current Users and /or Applications X     X   X X    
Time Requirements       X          
Spatial Resolution & Extent X X   X X X X X  
Temporal Resolution & Extent X X   X  X X X X  
Social / Economical Treatment X     X          
Future Contact   X           X  
Input Data & Format X X   X   X X X  
Input Preprocessing X     X          
Setting Parameters X     X          
Output Data & Format X X   X   X X X  
Contact for Supplemental Info.   X   X X   X X  
Addn. Readings (Learn More) X   X   X X     X
Author & Date of Metadata             X   X

EPA Clarke: Data obtained from Dr. Clarke in regards to the collection of Metadata performed by the EPA. Final results from EPA will be out approx. Fall 2000.

EPA 1997: Metadata on P-Route Model obtained from EPA web site:

1990 UK Reg. of Agri Models: Obtained from United Kingdom Register of Agricultural Models, 1990, Geoff Squire & Paul Hamer

USDA Forestry: Obtained from Decision Support Systems for Ecosystem Management: An Evaluation of Existing Systems. USDA Forest Service reference #
RM-GTR-296. Free copy available from (must include title and ref. number in e mail)

REM:  The register of Ecological Models:

GCTE:  The official GCTE Soil Organic Matter Network Database:

NPS:  Naval Post-graduate School metadata information on the MM5 atmospheric model.  "Metadata" is spread over several pages.  Beginning Link:

CAMASE:  The CAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystems Models.  Unable to access the search results.  Data above accessed through a "blank form" for new
models to register.

NASA:  Data obtained from NASA's GCMD.  The site can be found at: Enter "models" in the text box and you'll get a list of models to