International Symposium on
Geographic Information Science

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
6:30 Informal gathering in the lobby at 6:30pm for those interested in dinner. Upham Hotel lobby
Thursday, December 11, 2008
8:30 Welcome and introductions. Invited retrospective presentations on the background, programs, and results of NCGIA. Mike Worboys, University of Maine
André Skupin, SD State University
Stephen Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh
Ron Abler*, IGU
10:00 Morning Break  
10:30 Comments from invited panelists and discussants, general plenary discussion. Andrew Frank, Technical University of Vienna
Max Egenhofer, University of Maine
David Mark, University at Buffalo
12:00 Lunch Upham Hotel Garden
1:30 Retrospective: panel on the ten most significant discoveries and innovations of GIScience, general plenary discussion. Sara Fabrikant, University of Zürich
May Yuan, University of Oklahoma
Marc Armstrong, University of Iowa
Kate Beard, University of Maine
3:00 Afternoon Break  
3:30 Prospective: panel on the future of GIScience, general plenary discussion. Dan Montello, UC, Santa Barbara
Luc Anselin, Arizona State University
Will Craig, University of Minnesota
Werner Kuhn, University of Muenster
5:00 Wine and cheese Upham Hotel lobby
6:30 Symposium dinner Mondial
201 W. Carrillo St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Friday, December 12, 2008
The mechanisms of GIScience research.
Panel on the role of collaboratories, international networks, and organizations, general discussion.
Greg Smith, University College London
Christian Freksa, University Bremen
Greg Smith, NGA
10:00 Morning Break  
10:30 Small-group discussions: Retrospective and prospective issues.  
12:00 Lunch Upham Hotel Garden
1:30 Reports from small-group discussions.
Brief commentaries on the symposium
Reg Golledge, UC, Santa Barbara
Steve Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh
Nancy Obermeyer, University of Pittsburgh
Val Noronha, UC, Santa Barbara
Waldo Tobler, UC, Santa Barbara
Jerry Dobson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
3:30 Afternoon Break  
4:00 Closing session. Where do we go from here, actions.  
5:00 Wine and cheese, NCGIA memorabilia  
6:30 Dinner on your own  
Saturday December 13, 2008
  Departure or continued local activities
(wineries, whale watching, hike)
6:30 Reception and dinner, jacuzzi 909 West Campus Lane
* Invited
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