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Describing and Cataloging Computational Models

In 1989, Science Magazine had an article titled "Is it real or is it Crazy?" (Pool, 1989) in which they were introducing a whole new field of science referred to as computer experimentation. At that time only a handful of laboratories across the globe had the "super computers" large enough and /or powerful enough to operate computer models.

Now, nearly 12 years later, computer models can be transferred "over the web" or "burned" onto a plastic disk, and downloaded into a palm-held computer. As technology continues, I'm sure that in the near future we'll look back at today's greatest technology as if were archaic.

This sudden boom in technology has been paralleled by a sudden influx of computer models into the scientific community. Models are being used for research and understanding of everything from Hydrology to Yarn manufacturing, from gold deposits to survival rates in ICU's. With this sudden flux, comes a bit of confusion.

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