Guidelines for CCTP Unit Writers/Editors

The NCGIA Core Curriculum for Technical Programs is a community effort. We thank you in advance for your participation in this project. As a writing team, we will create a resource that should be extremely helpful to all of those who teach GIS in community college and similar institutions and to any one in the GIS community who needs to provide some sort of technical GIS training. We are able to provide compensation, although very limited, to the Unit Writers and Section Editors. Unit writers will receive $100 for a completed unit. Section Editors will receive $100 which is in addition to compensation for writing one or more units of the CCTP. A practical guide for CCTP unit writers and editors and a general philosophy for the project follow.

Participant Roles:
(Detailed Instructions Follow)


We would like to have all remain units completed by May 29, 1998 if possible.

How to officially offer to contribute:

Please send an email (or letter) with the following information:

In the Subject area of the message write: CCTP Writer/Editor Application

In the message include:

CCTP Unit Development Philosophy:

Specific Instructions for
Unit Writers and Section Editors

Format for Submitting Units Materials:

At this point in the project, units should by sent directly to Violet Gray. Once we have edited the document and posted it in Web format, we will ask the Section Editor for additional editorial input. Materials should be submitted in the following formats:

Contacts for Questions and Submitting Materials:

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